How to Set up Proneg

Instructions for Pronegs

Thank you for volunteering to help set up the Proneg. 

Follow this link to Sign up for a Friday Date.

It is recommended you arrive at the temple 30 minutes before the start of the Proneg.  It starts at 7PM.  Please clean up as soon as services start at 7:30PM.

The temple provides cheese, crackers, hummus, pita chips and occasionally some fruit***

Set up 

1.    The cheese and hummus plus any fruit are in a box labeled Pronegs in the refrigerator

2.    Cut up the cheese into cubes.  There’s a wavy shaped cheese cutter in the Proneg box. Cutting boards are under the big sink, near the dishwasher and the knives in a container on the counter.

3.    Open up the hummus.

4.    Get out the crackers and pita chip which are in a box on the counter labeled Proneg.

5.    Platter any fruit or vegetables in the Proneg box.

6.    Platters are in the pantry, at the far end.  Put food on platters.

7.    Get out small plates, napkins, and small drink cups, again in the pantry.  Get out the small plastic tongs for each platter. Tongs are located in the drawer in the middle counters.

8.    Fill 2 pitchers with ice water.  Pitchers are hanging above the middle kitchen counters.

9.    Use one of the rolling carts to bring everything to Koen foyer.

10. Put the food, napkins, and plates on the large table in the foyer.

11. Put the rolling cart by the entrance to the gift shop. Leave the water pitchers and cups on the cart.

Clean up

Take everything back to the kitchen. Leave any leftovers out on a kitchen counter for the Oneg.  Put water pitchers on the counter.

***You are welcome to provide additional food for the Proneg.  Suggestions are veggies, dips, fruit, and wine.