Baihlah and Lisa do Israel

Shalom from Tel Aviv!

Baihlah and I arrived in Israel Tuesday afternoon. We are having a great time. We spent much of yesterday visiting Jaffa, and will be heading to Caesaria later today, before moving on to Haifa tonight.

Thursday, October 18


Today, Baihlah and I went to Caesarea National Park. If you've never
heard of it, Caesarea was an ancient port city located on the
Mediterranean about halfway between Tel Aviv and Haifa. It was
initially built by King Herod a little over 2,000 years ago, then
destroyed and re-built repeatedly over the next couple of thousand
years by the Byzantine Empire, the Arabs, the Crusaders, and probably
a few other warring groups whose identities I can't remember. Which
all makes for some very cool archeology, if you're into that kind of
thing. You should check it out here:

After Caesarea, we took the train from Tel Aviv to Haifa and checked
in to the Port Inn Hostel.

Friday, October 18

Shabbat Shalom!

A very full day today. We got up first thing Friday morning to take a
train into Nahariya, where we caught a bus to Rosh Hanikra.

Rosh Hanikra is on the Mediterranean coast in far North-Western
Israel, bordering Lebanon. You can literally see Lebanon from the
shore. It's a beautiful network of limestone grottos carved out by the

After returning to Haifa in the afternoon, we hiked through the German
Colony and the sculpture garden. We then went on a two-hour mission to
find the Leo Baeck Center so that we could attend services at the
local Reform Synagogue, Ohel Avraham. Services were lovely, and the
Rabbi, Na'ama Dafni-Kellen, very welcoming. Afterwards, some members
of the congregation helped us figure out how to call a taxi so we
could get back to the Hostel. A really great day.

Tomorrow, we are going to the Bahai Gardens, then on to Akko!