Welcome Sam Rosenberg to CBI

Sam Rosenberg, CBI Executive Assistant to the Clergy

Sam Rosenberg, CBI Executive Assistant to the Clergy

CBI has a new Executive Assistant to the Clergy -- Sam Rosenberg!

Sam grew up in Cherrywood, New Jersey, near Philadelphia, but moved to NY City for college, where he earned a degree in acting.  A couple of years after school, he discovered acting wasn’t how he wanted to make a living, and started taking temp jobs to forge a new career path. His second temp job was at a large Reform synagogue in Manhattan. He stayed through the High Holidays and discovered how much he enjoyed the job, had strength with it, and liked the people there. He soon became a permanent, full-time employee, a position he remained in for several years. After that, Sam went on to work at the Park Avenue Synagogue, also in Manhattan -- a Conservative temple this time. 

Through the course of his career, Sam experienced the spectrum of what went into running a large scale synagogue with a large congregation, and some of the nuances going from taking care of a Reform congregation to a Conservative congregation. He was exposed to a lot of the work that goes on, and in the process, found a career that he enjoyed.  He genuinely liked helping with events and fundraising, and enjoyed seeing the fruition of his hard work.  He discovered that as much as he enjoyed his time acting, this work fed his soul.

After living a decade in New York, Sam and his wife decided that they didn’t want to set down roots or raise children there. Sam’s wife had lots of family here in Texas, so though most of his family is still in New Jersey, they decided to settle here.  He loves Austin.

Sam’s job includes keeping the clergy’s schedule flowing, answering e-mails, scheduling and rescheduling visits and appointments, being an advocate for the clergy, and following up on the tasks that help make the clergies’ day run smoothly.

Sam is very involved in another important job -- helping with b’nai mitzvah planning, from meeting with parents to booking meetings with clergy, as well as making sure all runs smoothly.  He also has a lot of responsibility making sure all the material the rabbis use on the Bimah is prepared and ready for Shabbat services, from the R’fuah list and the Aliyot to the Kaddish list.

Sam was raised in the Reform tradition. He attended Temple Emanuel in Cherrywood, N.J., and was Bar Mitzvah'ed there, but didn’t really relate with his Judaism until after college when he went to work for the synagogue. That is when he embraced himself as a Jew. He also did a birthright trip to Israel. 

Sam feels that he can bring a lot of his experience and passion to his job and he feels he can increase efficiency and help streamline things so that the clergy suite runs effectively.

Thank you, Sam. Welcome to CBI and Austin!