Come Kibbitz With Us!


Shalom, Sisters.

Welcome to CBI Sisterhood's new Kibbitz blog - the place for Sisters to hang out, schmooze, read about current events in our community, swap recipes, give advice, and generally have fun getting to know each other.

We'll be publishing articles roughly once a week on one of the following four topics:

  • Jews in the News - Judaism and Jews in current events, both in Austin, Texas and around the world.
  • Ask the Yenta - An advice column on living a Jewish life in the modern world, or just living life in general. Have a question for the Yenta? E-mail her. She has answers for all your tsuris.
  • Not Your Bubbe’s Kitchen - Traditional Jewish recipes with a modern flair. If you have a recipe you'd like to share, send it to us! We love recipes.
  • Sisters in the Hood - Interviews with our Sisters. A great way to learn about those people you see around synagogue but never had a chance to chat with.

Comments will be open, so feel free to weigh in. We'd love to hear from you!