Test of Reimbursement Form

Note: This document is in the Not Linked area of the website. In order to test the form, the page must be enabled, which means that the page will be picked up by search-engine and spam bots. After testing the form and placing it on the Events Planner page, it would be best to disable this page. 

Test this form and then read below about options for publishing this on the website with password access. For testing, it is probably easier for you to scroll down to the 3rd option so you can see exactly what the form will look like to the user.

Here are three options to access the form and presenting it on the website.


1) Button linked to the Jotform website for the form:

2) Lightbox version of the form creates only a text link. Click on the text below to access the form:

Reimbursement Request Form

3) Embedded form. Note: What I did for the Garage Sale form was to create a button on the Garage Sale page and then linked the button to a separate page containing the script to the form in the Not Linked area of the website. The Garage Sale form resides both on the Sisterhood website and on the Jotform site.

Creating a Members-Only, Password-Protected Area of the Website

Margaret had requested that the Events Planner page be placed in a members-only, password-protected area of the website. Squarespace does not not have the option for creating a members-only area of a website, much to the consternation of developers world-wide. One can make individual pages password-protected (which links to a lock-screen), but Squarespace does not allow for different lock screens. The current lock-screen design that I created is used for password-protecting the entire website while making major updates to the site. You could redesign the lock screen, but you will not be able to save the design that is currently there.

I have done some preliminary research on creating a members-only area on Squarespace and found only two options to achieve this:

1) Use MemberSpace as a third-party option: https://www.memberspace.com/signup  Note that the basic tier is $20/month, which is quite expensive and this was one of the more affordable third-party options.

2) Use this free work-around: https://www.soundfocus.co.uk/squarespace/client-login-pages  I have not tested this, so this will require testing to make sure this will work and will be an acceptable option.

Test of Retreat Form and Google Team Drive connection.

1) Create form; select email and personal Google Drive for storage.

2) Fill out the form as a test then move the sheets document created in personal Google drive to Team Drive

3) Fill out the form again to test.

Results: Unfortunately, it does not work to create the form and then move the generated sheet doc to the Team Drive, as the data would not populate once the folder was moved. However, when I moved the sheets doc back into my personal drive, the data populated the document. 

Good news: One can format the text and columns to make the form more legible. As long as one does not change the form fields in the form. If the form must be edited, you'll need to delete the Google Drive storage and reset it.

Configured reCAPTCHA to use with forms on the website and added it to this form; it worked once, but then the connection broke. I have not had time to trouble-shoot this.