Our annual hamantaschen event was a great success! For four days, Sisterhood gave our CBI students the opportunity to do some hands-on Judaism with rolling out, filling and folding hamantaschen. Now, after some students having helped over the course of a few years, their productivity was so great that some dough had to be held back from a morning class so an afternoon class would have something to work on! 

Lots of parents waiting for their children responded to requests for their help. Some helped for a half hour and some baked for a full session. And they all had fun in the kitchen. 

Sales were brisk. Sisterhood hamantschen teams have refined our baking and storage  techniques over the years. These accomplishments and a dough with butter AND cream cheese have made our cookies irresistible. Thank you to all of you who indulged your sweet tooth and purchased hamantaschen by the bag. The proceeds will support Sisterhood's efforts to build community in CBI, including providing scholarships for our students to go to Greene Family Camp and confirmation trips to Israel. 

And so CBI Purim revelers were well supplied with hamantaschen, making the celebration a night filled with delights for the eye, ear, and tongue. 

Mazel tov to our hamantaschen team Jeri Smith and Baihlah Rubin. Thank you to the leaders of our baking: Stacy Dinkins, Jolene Frank, Adina Friedman, Nancy Stewart, Kathy Gassman, and Nancy Taute. The hamantaschen leadership ranged from former Sisterhood presidents to a college student/CBI graduate. It can be your turn next. Contact Jeri Smith gpig241@yahoo.com if you are interested in being part of the 2019 hamantaschen effort.