CBI Sisterhood Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

2017-2018 Board of Directors

Marsha Wilson, Financial Secretary and Gift Shop Co-Chair
Gayle Cannon, Recording Secretary and Confirmation Luncheon Chair
Nancy Schumann, Co-Recording Secretary and End of the Year Dinner Chair
Becca Tate, Corresponding Secretary
Leigh Perry, Immediate Past President
Nicole Villalpando, WRJ Representative and Brunch and Learn Chair

Ruth Siegel, President
Margaret Gewirtzman, First Vice President, Chai Tea Chair and Matzah Brittle Chair
Lisa Meng, Communications Vice President and Pet Blanket Project Co-Chair
Gretchen Johnson, Religious Programming Vice President
Shari Nichols, Co-Religious Programming Vice President
Carla Siegle, Treasurer

2017-2018 Committee Chairs

Beth Bernstein, Children's Rosh Hashanah Reception Chair
Susan Kerman, Yom Kippur Break Fast Chair
Baihlah Rubin, Hamantashen Mentor
Jeri Smith, Hamantashen Chair
Nancy Stewart, Retreat
Lilo Pomerleau, Garden Chair
Vivian Picow and Jolene Frank, Kitchen Clean Up Co-Chairs
Marianne Einav, Ivonne Ortiz-Bayona, Marsha Wilson, Ruth Siegel, Margaret Gewirtzman, Shari Nichols - the First Friday Dinner Team

Laura Schulman, Scribe and Editor-at-Large
Syd Popinsky, Phone Bank Chair
Carol Calvery, Gift Shop Volunteer, Social Programming Chair and Pet Blanket Project Co-Chair
Nancy Parkinson, Gift Shop Manager
Joan Calman, Gift Shop Accountant
Barbara Wanzer, Garage Sale Chair
Ruth Pool, Chai Tea Co-Chair
Stacy Dinkins, Chanukah Bazaar Chair
Judy Mullinix, Honey Chair

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